Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So very happy...

I went to Canvas Works on Monday and got a Lantern Moon foldable project bag. It's wonderful! I've always wanted a foldable bag and now I finally have one, yay! Lots of exclamation points!!! My sister has had hers for awhile and I've been envious, but no longer. Mine's better, too.

This picture is just off the internet, but mine is full of yarn (and projects).

I'm currently knitting beaded cable mittens for myself and, good news, I'm getting back into sewing. I've sewn for awhile, but haven't done anything really recently. That is, until I visited I'm currently making a shirt on the featured projects. I have all the pieces cut out and I'm sewing it up today, after I finsih posting and after I make a cup of much needed tea. I plan on making another bag, but it's not from Craftster. I just have a hankering to make one. It's my downfall, along with knitted hats.

I'm lovin' it.

oooo...don't tell anyone I said that. Burger King is the devil.

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